We are one of the most established SCADA vendors in the Middle East. We specialize in providing SCADA solutions for oil & gas applications and water/wastewater applications.The SCADA systems designed by us are based on the client's requirements.

SCADAvantageTM is a centralized, real-time, data acquisition and control system that automates and optimizes day-to-day operations.Key Benefits include: High availability through a distributed architecture, multiple levels of redundancy and a Disaster Recovery option,Reduced maintenance costs with fewer servers, built-in admin tools, easy upgrades,Lower dependency on specialists through oil and gas applications etc.

A compact SCADA system for a smaller size electric power system control-a fast, object-oriented and cost-effective approach.Smart Client for intelligent data access and viewing to facilitate in making quick, informed decisions and improving performance.

System 800xA is not only a DCS (Distributed Control System) it’s also an Electrical Control System, a Safety system and a collaboration enabler with the capacity to improve engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization.

DigiVis 500 software is a simple and easily accessible solution in the development of supervision applications. It offers all the functions that are essential to a secure environment, its functional reliability and dual-display mode will simplify all your supervision operations, keeping interruptions to a minimum